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​YUEN NENG H-type solar braket


Exclusive design of Yuanneng 

Suitable for insulated roof, pit plate iron roof, fast and stable, construction, multiple installation schemes, flexible use!


Increase the size and double the load!

Improved from conventional products, Yuanneng H-shaped bracket optimizes the overall size. From top to bottom, Nengjiaxin can accept the pressure of various solar modules, and at the same time make the roof evenly stressed.

图层 732.png

Enlarge and widen the briquetting accessories, making construction more convenient!

Yuanneng H-type bracket uses widened and enlarged side press blocks and medium press blocks.

The force is more uniform, which can effectively fix the solar modules. It has a widened design and directly uses the M8 outer corner screws to directly fast forward the construction.


EPDM sealing and waterproof process

EPDM waterproof rubber pad has excellent construction technology and excellent weather resistance, which prevents water leakage in conventional installations.

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