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Q:Can I install a solar PV system on a 170 sq ft rooftop?

A: It can be installed, but because the area is so small, the quantit of solar panels that can be installed is little and therefore the amount of electricity generated is not very high.


Q:How much does it cost to install a solar PV system?

A:This depends on the type of building (village house/private house/industrial/commercial building/fish pond/storage roof, etc.), size and power etc. Each building is different and a quotation can only be obtained after an on-site measuring of the square feet. For a detailed quote, please contact Mr. Chan at 3619 0075 to book a free in-home measurement.


Q:What is FiT?

A:Under the post-2018 Scheme of Control Agreements (SCAs) with the two power companies,electricity companies will purchase electricity from households or unitary businesses that generate electricity for each unit of electricity generated from renewable energy sources, with a corresponding tariff rebate. The scheme will run from 1 October 2018 to December 2033.

Q:Can the installation of a solar PV system be paid by revenue earned from the electricity company ?

A:Sorry, this is not possible. We will charge in three instalments, first instalment will be collected after approval by the electricity company, second instalment will be collected after the solar PV system has been installed and the final instalment will be collected after the meter has been hung.


Q:What services are included in the cost of installing a solar PV system?

A:The initial consultation, quotation and production of 3D drawings are all free of charge. We offer a one-stop solar service, including application to the electricity company for grid tariff, installation of the solar PV system (construction) and meter hanging.

Q:How can I get more information about installing solar PV systems?

A:You can visit our website, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube channel (please scroll to the top right corner of the page and click on Subscribe and Watch), which showcases examples and videos of solar PV systems installed in different buildings. You can also contact Mr. Chan directly on 3619 0075 or WhatsApp at this number 5491 8811 and he will answer all your questions and provide you with a quote.

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