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YUEN NENG Solar Brakect System


Exclusive "hidden" beams

Exclusive "hidden" beam-column connection and fastening process to thicken aluminum alloy components!

It can withstand winds above level 12, is stable and reliable, and prevents loosening, with confidence!


​Extra-long span "no column in the middle" aluminum alloy bracket

The ultra-long span "no column in the middle" aluminum alloy bracket ensures a firm and stable structure! Satisfy practical and beautiful.

图层 727.png

"Leak-proof" technology leads Hong Kong patents

Exclusive "sink integrated" aluminum alloy bracket system technology to prevent water leakage! Use at ease, rest assured of profit!


Germany imported "Fisher" brand      chemical screw potion

The "Fisher" chemical screw potion imported from Germany can be used to firmly lock the bracket on the floor and prevent water leakage!

If you wish to purchases, please contact use by 3619 0075/5491 8811 or at to enquire or get a free quote!

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